Friday, August 17, 2007

"achievement gap" - Google News

Search the term "achievement gap" on Google News any day of the year, and it will amaze you the number of dumb repetive articles that are posted around the country and the world.

The articles usually go something like this... (paraphrased)

Recent test results continue to show an achievement gap between whites and (select any other racial category except for Asian).

[Optional comment about slight improvement in test scores and reduction on gap, though its never a significant amount.]

>insert quote from education official saying that the closing the achievement gap is their number one priority<>

>insert quote from sociologist or educator who attribute the causes of the gap to (choose one: racism, school funding, crime, distribution of highly qualified teachers, expectations) to ensure that no one even considers IQ<

Education officials have recently started a new program/initiative to address (problem selected above).

Officials are optimistic because they have second hand knowledge of some school has made progress, even though there are rarely any facts to back up the assertion.

Seriously! Check out a few articles. It's almost like there is a fill in the blank template.

How much do you want to bet that the same template will still be being used 20 years from now?

Just for fun, here are the number of results for various google news searches.
  • 83 for ("achievement gap" poverty)
  • 60 for ("achievement gap" expectations)
  • 55 for ("achievement gap" school funding)
  • 27 for ("achievement gap" teacher quality)
  • 5 for ("achievement gap" intelligence)
  • Your search - ("achievement gap" IQ) - did not match any documents


Anonymous said...

Yep, there are lots of them, and here's another:

But read the comments following the article: most readers say the same thing, over and over. The fault is with the cultures that don't value education. The problem isn't with "minorities." Asians are a minority, but they value education. The problem is the minority cultures that teach that studying = "trying to be white" and that education is for chumps.

The heartening thing is that these comments are from people who read the San Francisco Chronicle and are presumably from the famously "liberal" SF Bay Area (I can't believe all these comments were written by people from the red states who just happen to read the Chronicle online).

People see through the politicians' and educators' and sociologists' claims that "we" aren't doing enough for minorities. The fact is that "we" can never do enough for people who don't give a damn about becoming educated.