Monday, July 21, 2008

You're kidding me, right?

Camp Education « Jay P. Greene’s Blog

"I think it’s worth thinking about what we can learn from camps to make schools more effective"
As a parent of 5 kids, let me give this some thought...

Is he crazy... my kids waste enough time at school on silly projects with no educational value.

My son's gifted class last year was a lot like camp. The teachers idea of math enrichment was having them do some crazy number wheel.

Creativity is a mantra, not an teaching tool.

More like camp... he seriously didn't say that did he?


Redkudu said...

We're already doing this. We call it Project Based Learning.

Redkudu said...

And TFA is providing the counselors.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps my post wasn't clear. I meant that the staffing of schools might be more like camp, not the content. I agree with you concerns.

sexy said...