Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palins Alaskan Style Feminism

As the father of four daughters, the sexism against Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin disgusts me. A majority of it comes from the main stream media, but there is a good chunk of it coming from the Obama campaign and disappointingly, the good old boy network of the Republican party.

To understand how Sarah Palin looks at things, please go read this Times interview with her.

Here is what she had to say on being a woman in politics.

I've totally ignored the issues that have potentially been affecting me when it comes to gender because I was raised in a family where, you know, gender wasn't going to be an issue. The girls did what the boys did. Apparently in Alaska that's quite commonplace. You're out there hunting and fishing. My parents were coaches, so I was involved in sports all my life. So I knew that as woman I could do whatever the men were doing. Also that's just part of Alaskan life.
I sincerely hope that I can instill the same sort of attitude in my Alaskan raised daughters.